Comparable Value

How we determine our unbeatable prices.

As a Gabe’s customer, we know you look for unbelievable!® deals, and want the best for yourself and your family, which is why we provide you with a “Comparable Value”on many of the items in our store. Through research, comparison shopping, and working with thousands of vendors, our buyers are able to provide you with a Comparable Value, which is our estimate of the regular, full retail price you would likely pay for the same or similar item at a specialty or full price department store. The Comparable Value is designed to help you make the best decision possible and should be used along with your own comparison shopping to see for yourself how unbelievable!® the deals are at Gabe’s. Please remember that availability of items and their prices change over time, and while we pledge to do our best, the Comparable Value is an estimate, and may not be available at a given time or location. Where identical items are not available, we may compare similar items and styles.