Blanket Statement: 5 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Get wrapped up in this cozy look for fall.

Blanket Scarf: Starting at $3.99!

They’re one of the season’s easiest (and coziest!) trends, making blanket scarves one of favorite things for fall. Still, figuring out the best way to wear them can be overwhelming, so we’re offering five of our favorite go-to ties.


Artsy Elegant

This simple but versatile tie looks great over jeans and a sweater or a dress. Start with your scarf folded on a diagonal, and then roll it up most of the way, leaving the triangle of the tip exposed. Place the triangle in front of your body, then wrap the long ends behind you, crossing them at the neck before bringing them back to the front.


Pretty Preppy

Go to any 80s movie for instant inspiration and replace the over-the-shoulder sweater with your blanket scarf. Start with a diagonal fold, then simply bring the scarf over your shoulders from back to front and finish with a simple knot.


Simply Slung

This is probably the easiest way to wear your blanket scarf. Offering just the right amount of warmth, it’s also a great option to consider when you need more than a duster or simple jacket. Start with a diagonal fold of your square scarf, then roll it up completely and place the center behind your neck before bringing the ends forward. Let them loosen from the roll as you move.


Notable Knot

As the weather gets cooler, you may find this simple knot at your neck is your favorite for keeping warm—and looking chic. Start with a diagonal fold, then roll the scarf entirely. Bring it from back to front around your neck and tie with a double knot at your clavicle. Adjust the knot from side to side to vary the look.


Coat Cover Up

While you can wear this style with anything, we love the way it looks over a tailored winter coat. Start with the usual diagonal fold, then roll your scarf and leave the triangle portion exposed. Place the scarf in front of you with the triangle at your chest, then bring the long ends around the back of your neck, crossing them and bringing them forward again.

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Best Boots for Fall

Kick up your look up a notch this season.

Great boots are an essential part of the fall/winter uniform, and we’re rounding up some of the styles and silhouettes to stock our closets with.


So Fierce: Fur-lined Booties

Starting @ $7.99

These casual and cool booties have a secret: They are so, so cozy and comfortable. Keeping your feet warm while looking on-trend, they’re like a hybrid boot-sneaker and are perfectly paired with skinny jeans or a tunic and leggings.


Short Story: Ankle Bootie

Starting @ $7.99

There are few items of footwear as versatile as an ankle bootie: They’re on point with sleek skinny jeans and a moto jacket, perfect with a sweet sundress and sweater, and chic with simple cuffed jeans and a tee. They’re one of our go-to seasonal staples.


Well-Heeled: Block Heel Bootie

Starting @ $7.99

The key to all-day comfort in your favorite booties comes down to the heels. Block heels offer height with support, because weight is more evenly distributed than a traditional high heel for an easier wear.  Mid-height, they’re generally 2.5 to 3 inches high.


90s Knock Out: Combat Boots

Starting @ $11.99

There’s a reason that combat boots were so popular in the 1990s: They’re crazy comfortable. Get creative with colorful laces up these midi-height boots and wear them with a flowing skirt or sleek mini for a look that balances their boldness.


Standing Tall: Slouch Boots

Starting @ $14.99

Fall’s most iconic footwear is the tall boot, and this season we’re loving the relaxed vibe of the slouched style. These boots go anywhere, literally, and can be easily dressed up with your favorite skirt and tights or pulled over cozy fleece leggings.

Leigh Guldig
Top 5 Trends for Fall

Looks we are absolutely loving this season.

Bring out the boots! The fall is finally here, and as the crisp air arrives, we’re ready with our favorite styles of the season. Here are five trends we’re absolutely loving right now.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.52.47 PM.png


Camo Hoodie: $9.99

Jeans: $12.99

Black Slides: $7.99

Yes, you are seeing it everywhere! Camo is having a moment right now, serving as this season’s go-to neutral. The best way to wear it is paired with a simple solid, like jeans or a basic tee. Our suggestion: Keep to one camo item per look to avoid overdoing a good thing.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.52.56 PM.png


Flannel Shirt: $3.99

Jeans: $12.99

Boots: $7.99

We are all about getting cozy, which is why we’re falling so hard for flannel this season. It’s an on-trend touch to your basic jeans-and-tee style, plus it’s the perfect layer to keep you warm at your next tailgating party. Pair it with your favorite sneakers or boots!

It’s an on-trend touch to your basic jeans-and-tee style, plus it’s the perfect layer to keep you warm at your next tailgating party. Pair it with your favorite sneakers or boots!

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.53.16 PM.png


Striped Dress: $9.99

Boots: $7.99

They’re on trend right now but the truth is that stripes never go out of style. They offer a bit of boldness to even the most basic shirt and transform your everyday pants into something extra special. To wear this trend, try a striped accent or go all-in with a fully striped ensemble.

image 5.jpg


Tie Dye Dress: $9.99

Jacket: $17.99

Booties: $7.99

You may best remember tie dye from your days at camp, but this hotter-than-ever look is walking straight off of the runways and into your closet. Keep it from getting campy (get it?) by choosing a tailored silhouette balanced with a sleek, solid piece like this vegan leather jacket.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.53.40 PM.png


Corduroy Skirt: $12.99

Long Sleeved Tee: $5.99

Hat: $3.99

Next to flannel, corduroy is probably the fabric we most associate with cozy fall weather. This season opt for the ridged fabric in rich tones—like deep greens, magentas, and even mustard—for a look that is as comfortable as it is on-trend. Here, a hat adds an upscale touch.

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